Why We Don’t Give Email or Phone Estimates

I get it. You’re just wondering how much a certain repair will cost so you figure you’ll call a few shops, see how much they charge, and go to the one that tells you the lowest price. That’s smart shopping—you want the best deal.

But the truth is . . . a good deal doesn’t often come at the cheapest price.

We’re the shop that won’t give you a price over the phone or via email without having seen and properly assessed the vehicle. Hagen’s is the annoying shop who says, “We’ll have to see it to determine how much it will cost to fix it. When’s a good time for you to stop by for a damage assessment?”

We don’t give phone or email estimates because it’s bad service to you. Repairs are complex with different parts, bolts, fluids, etc., and it’s impossible to know exactly what needs to be done to accurately fix a problem without a physical inspection—and even then we may find hidden damage when the vehicle is disassembled. Shops that give you a price over the phone are trying to give you what you want and trying to do the right thing. But more often than not, the repair time and price end up being more in the end and no one is happy.

Our #1 priority is to provide the best service we can and this begins with a proper damage assessment. An inaccurate estimate is not a good deal.

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